The bluebonnets are out in full force right now.  They are absolutely amazing!  I was in Columbus, Tx this past weekend and had the opportunity to photograph Abby in the bluebonnets.  She was, of course, highly uncooperative.  She found a rock and refused to look up or at anything but the rock.

She also destroyed a generous amount of bluebonnets…oops.  However, I did finally get her to cooperate for about 30 seconds, and I got this shot.  After my mini session with Abby, I decided to start posting pet photography tips to help you all take better photos of your furry friends.  It won’t just be pet photo tips, but also general photography tips, so be sure to check back for that post later this week.

It is really difficult getting a dog to pay attention, let alone a puppy.  Abby has so much energy also!  I have no idea where it comes from.  I wish I was that energetic all the time.

I also took photos of my parents’ cavalier king charles spaniels in the bluebonnets, at their request.  So, here is Ruby as well.  Enjoy and if you get a chance go see some bluebonnets!

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