One of the things I love to show while photographing pets is their relationship to each other and people.  I was in Lake Tahoe recently and was able to photograph Ruby and Agador with Evelyn.  Evelyn is ninety years old and absolutely loves these dogs.  Also, if you couldn’t tell, Ruby and Agador are brother and sister, which is a really fun dynamic to capture as well.

We had a great time during this session, and we were able to capture the relationship between the dogs and their people (in this case Grandma Evelyn).  I love the photo of her cracking up.  I was making a complete fool of myself, along with some other people, and making these really high pitched noises so that the dogs would look our way.  Agador kept tilting his head to the side with the funniest expression, which in turn caused Evelyn to laugh hysterically!

All in all it was a great time, and what a great location!  Lake Tahoe is absolutely beautiful!  I wouldn’t mind living there year round, and I’m sure Abby wouldn’t mind either except for the whole bear thing…. those might freak her out!

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