Have you ever been on the look out for a great new park to visit in town? I can’t say that I have really tried that hard to figure out where the best new park is to visit since it’s so hot in Houston! But, I’m in Grand Junction, CO this weekend for the Hartz Family Reunion, and I have to say that there are some great parks here.

I’m always on the lookout for a great new place to photograph, be it a park, old building, or just a cool vacant lot. Not to say that there aren’t some great parks in Houston, but today we went to a park that spanned several acres and had 3 baseball fields, 2 giant soccer fields, shaded areas for picnics, playgrounds, and lakes! It was amazing, and it would be great for dog photography. It was like the Danny Jackson Family Dog Park times 20. (If you aren’t familiar with that dog park it is on Westpark at the 610 feeder by the Home Depot – great dog park!)

I wish we had parks like that in Houston, and if we do and I just don’t know about them please let me know! It would also be nice if the humidity in Houston were a bit less, but what can you do? I’d love to hear from you about some cool spots you like to take your dogs, or even just spots you think would look great in a photo. Thanks for the help!

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