Abby and I are very sad that one of her favorite people (Rob) and dogs (Westin) has moved away.  But, we did get to take some photos of Abby & Westin before they left town.  Abby and Westin are both golden retrievers and they were born 10 days apart.  They met around 3 months old and have been playing with each other ever since.  I would take Abby to my vet, Richmond Avenue Animal Hospital, a few times a week to play with Rob & Weston.

Today is her first full day at the studio.  I’m not going to be taking her as often to the vet for day boarding now that Westin has moved away.  She’s doing pretty well here so far.  We’ve been on a couple of walks so far and played a bit outside, but she just looked at me with her bored face.  I guess we’ll be on our way outside for a bit.

Here is a sneak peek at Abby & Westin’s photo shoot.


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