For some it is a daily routine; for others it is a chore in order to stay/feel active. Over the past few years a survey from states that tens of thousands of treadmills are sold annually.  Now change never hurt anybody, so let’s give someone a try that has four legs (and possibly licks themselves) a chance to pant to a leaner and more active pooch.  Yes, I am talking about your friendly neighborhood dog that can usually be found in his or her bed or residing on your sofa.

Today, treadmills have evolved into a device to serve dogs as well! So now, you and your dog may set your treadmills up next to each other and bond in a whole new way.  With their ears and tongues flopping with each step, a moment is created that will put a smile on your faces, one of which (or both) are covered with fur, and put six packs on your tummies!

Be sure to check out the doggie treadmill and make sure your dog gets enough exercise.  From my own experience, I know what its like dealing with an overly energetic dog, i.e. Agador and Abby.  So do yourself a favor and check out a dog treadmill.  I have seen these things in action and I can guarantee satisfaction not only from a tired pooch but from the experience you will get watching your dog strut on down the treadmill.  Sizzle, a toy Australian Shepherd, is a pro at the treadmill.  He was the first dog we saw really going to town on the treadmill at the dog show.

Doggie Treadmills can be found all over the Internet but I recommend you check out Dog Tread to look at some of the best treadmills out there! To prove my point I have attached these videos for your entertainment ENJOY!

Stay furry my friends!

Sizzle on Treadmill

Abby on the Treadmill

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