I was watching the Today Show this morning, and there was a segment about what your dog is trying to tell you every day from what a bark means to the anatomy of a tailwag.  The video features Victoria Stillwell, the host of Animal Planet’s It’s Me or the Dog. One of the ways she says to help us better understand what our dogs are trying to tell us is by trying to understand how they perceive the world.  For instance, dogs have 20 million plus scent receptors in their noses versus our 5 million.  Their dominant sense is smell and ours is sight, so imagine our world being dominated by scents instead of sight.  It certainly gives you a different perspective on how dogs lead their furry lives.

She also mentions that the biggest biters in the dog world are Chihuahuas and not large dogs.  All in all, very interesting.  Check out the video here.

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