Welcome to the first annual DOG WEEK. Yes, that is RIGHT, Shark Week won’t know what hit them. Now, is it just me or do dogs tell you what they want more than the normal person. Am I crazy in thinking this statement is true???  I don’t think so!  And, no, I am not referring to the media portrayed dog signals where dogs all of a sudden talk and fight crime as secret agents. I am specifically targeting the body language of your furry housemate.

For example, from the web article “Talking Dog: Body Language” it states that, “dog play is often initiated by a play invitation like a play bow or pawing the air (especially with puppies).”  So, for future reference, if your little and/or big friend comes up to you and starts pawing at you, prepare you self!  Because they are saying, “Play with me señor!” or with whichever kind of accent you give your dog. I personally have bestowed my pooch, Agador, with a Guatemalan accent and every time I don’t play with him he gets angry and asks me if I am afraid of his Guatemalaness, his natural heat!  HAHA!  If you have seen the great Robin Williams in the Birdcage you will understand his name and why he speaks in such a way, and if you have not seen it I strongly recommend it.

Also, given this anecdote on doggy signals I recommend taking this seriously by reading this article in order to understand if you dog wants to play, is happy, confident, or just being sassy to you!  Don’t forget to Stay Furry My Friends!



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