Do me a favor; say the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear this question. What do dogs do the first time they meet another dog? …. Think long and hard about this answer.

Yes, you are correct.  Dogs head straight to the other dog’s caboose for a whiff.  But the real question here is why do they do it?  Think about it. You know it is one of the mysteries long plaguing your mind more than the truth behind Roswell, New Mexico or how the hell is Dolly Parton’s body shaped like that?!

Most people have speculated that it is the common way for dogs to show greetings and salutations, yet that is just a myth people have believed for centuries. explains the secret behind dogs checking for junk in the trunk with the article, Why Dogs Sniff Each Other’s Butts?

This states, “The aroma emitted from a dog’s butt tells other dogs vital information about him. It tells his sex, health status and temperament. Therefore, on a first meeting, two unacquainted dogs know if they want to befriend each other or not. So what does that mean to us? We need to trust our dog’s instincts.” If you all are interested in this article go online and check it out at here.

So to close out day two of Dog Week, I leave you with a piece of advice: the next time your dog sniffs a fellow canine’s booty, think or say something else besides “OH COME ON.”  It’s their way of doing things and being their master/best friend, you should support them 110%.

Always a pleasure writing to you all ladies and gentlemen, and with that I bid thee farewell. Stay Furry My Friends!


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