Good morning and good afternoon all! Isn’t today just SPECTACULAR!?  Our topic of discussion today is the importance of dog food. Believe it or not, the food that you feed your little friend, who is probably licking your legs or bouncing around with energy, is extremely important!

Some new pet owners I know have not even taken into account what kind of dog food to buy. They usually just buy the cheapest bag or even buy what is appealing to them (MMM… Beef).  But nutrition and higher quality foods, as compared to supermarket brands, is very important to your dogs health and your wallets weight. If that doesn’t sink in, just from my own words this anecdote from the web article, Dog Food: what to look for, will change your perspective.

This article states, “According to veterinarians at, the higher-quality ingredients in premium food mean your dog will actually eat less compared to inexpensive dog food: “Immediately you will notice that when feeding a high-quality, meat-based food, the dog will need to consume fewer cups of it per day than a cheap diet.” Think about that next time you are in the dog food section of Kroger.

Now think about this, people everyday are controlling what they eat or trying to eat healthier and live better. We have the choice to do that and control the food we ingest. Now, look down at that loveable ball of fur smiling at you; doesn’t he or she deserve to be healthy and live better just like you? You bet your booty they do! Trust me, if you provide them with the right food it will cost less, and will change your perspective of your pet. You will look at your pooch and say to yourself, “Isn’t he or she …. RAVISHING!”

Enough of me rambling on about this matter, It is time for you all…. Sorry, excuse me, correct that to y’all, we are TEXANS!  Aside from my Texan pride, I have said all I can about this topic; you are in the batters box now. I’d love to hear what food you buy and your voice on this topic! Always a joy writing to y’all. Stay Furry My Friends!


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