Question, who has had the patooty scared out of them buy a cold, wet nose? Of course, I can answer yes to that question. My cavalier loves attention and loves to scare the heck out of me via his nose. Wet noses are a distinguishable feature on dogs, and some people believe it to be disgusting! Would they prefer dry noses on their dogs? Perhaps…. But do they understand that a wet nose is not just a random phenomena like an ice storm in the Sahara desert?

No, a wet nose is a sign of a good, healthy pooch! Even though a dry nose may feel better than a cold nose smearing on your leg, a dry nose represents a dehydrated doggy, which is not a very good thing!  According to the web article, Your dogs healthy nose, “Most of the time, though, a bright, happy dog will continually lick his nose and so the nose is wet.  When the dog isn’t feeling well, he tends not to lick his nose, and the nose is dry.  This is not a direct correlation, however, and does not mean that dry noses equal fevers.”  Wet noses can also be caused by a suitable amount of humidity in the air.

So, in the long run, check your dog’s nose and to see if they have a little drip or not.  It may make you think about their health a wee bit more or just make you a little more squeamish…. you never know!  But, all I know is that a wet nose is a part of the dog world and its here to stay! Until next time! Stay Furry My Friends!



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