I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!  My weekend was absolutely wonderful, and it may just take the cake for one of the best weekends ever.  The weekend was so great because I attended the Golden Retriever Rescue of Houston’s Fall Festival.  Not only were there great raffle and auctions items, delicious barbecue, live music, but there were goldens everywhere!  I’m sure a lot of you know that I have my own golden retriever, Abby, so this was extra special for us because Abby was able to join me at the festival and meet some new friends.

Golden Retriever Rescue of Houston is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, foster care, welfare and placement of Golden Retrievers in the Houston, Texas area.  GRRH is an all-volunteer group that provides temporary shelter, quality medical care and permanent homes for unwanted, abused or abandoned Golden Retrievers.  If you love Golden Retrievers and want to give back in some way, this is a perfect opportunity to volunteer.  They also know how to throw a party!  At one point, there were about 100 tennis balls on the ground.  In case you didn’t know, Golden Retrievers love to play fetch.  Abby was beside herself when she saw all the tennis balls, and she couldn’t choose which one she wanted.  She tried to take more than one, but they just wouldn’t fit in her mouth!

I also was able to speak to a lot of people who have adopted dogs from GRRH, and everyone I spoke to had a wonderful experience with GRRH and their adopted dogs are so sweet.  At the festival, it was easy to see that everyone out there really appreciated the hard work that GRRH does for Golden Retrievers.  Everyone had a true love for these dogs and would do whatever they needed to in order to see them to good homes.  If you are interested in seeing the dogs they have for adoption or if you are interested in fostering a golden, click here.



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