This past weekend, I photographed Milo & Chadley.  Milo and Chadley are two incredibly sweet and playful boys.  Milo is a 25 pound Boston Terrier, and Chadley is a 185 pound Great Dane.  A little difference in size, but neither Milo or Chadley seem to notice!  They were so cute playing together and running around the studio.

Chadley and Milo were both great pup models, and I was warned in advance that Milo doesn’t like to be bossed around and when his mom would tell him to sit so I could photograph him he would put his ears back in retaliation.  It was so funny!  He really was not a fan of being told what to do and was not afraid to show it!

This session was so much fun, and Milo and Chadley were fabulous!  Thank you Kerra for bringing in your beautiful boys.  Chadley is getting ready to have surgery on his ACL, and we wish him a speedy recovery.

Enjoy the photos!


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