Coco is a beautiful Great Dane Pointer mix that came into the studio last week.  She was rescued after Hurricane Ike by her Mom, and she couldn’t be sweeter!  She also has one of the softest and shiniest coats I’ve ever seen.  Her gorgeous black fur photographed beautifully!

At first, Coco seemed a little apprehensive and she actually did laps around the pieces of furniture we were trying to use in the shots.  We tried, on several occasions, to get her on my yellow loveseat, but Coco wouldn’t have it!  Eventually we took a break and let her run around until she decided to lay on the hardwood (conveniently in front of my light).  She has such a wonderful personality and a great temperament, and she looks small in the photos but she is about 95 pounds!

I’ve noticed recently that I’ve been taking a lot of paw shots, and I especially love this one of Coco’s.   Enjoy!



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