This is Marshmallow Diddlie Fluff, but you can call her Marshmallow for short. She is a 6 year old golden retriever, and, according to her mom, she is completely spoiled! But, then again, what self respecting golden isn’t spoiled rotten?? I know Abby is! I must admit that Marshmallow was a bit spoiled… she refused any treats except scones from Starbucks, which was pretty funny. Once she had a taste for the vanilla scone, she refused all other treats and would only respond to those. Marshmallow is also a total daddy’s girl (just like Abby). When her dad would leave the room or walk outside, Marshmallow would follow.

As you know, I have a thing for goldens…I blame Abby. And, Marshmallow’s session only makes me want more! She was such a sweet girl, and quite good looking too! I hope you enjoyed your close up, Marshmallow. You are quite a fabulous golden girl!



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