Chase came into the studio yesterday to kick off our Thanksgiving week.  He is a Petit Bassett Griffon Vendeen, also know as a PBGV.  Chase was very excited upon his arrival and proceeded to run from room to room and check out all the doggie smells and the rest of the studio.  He is also quite a sharp little pooch.  Every time I would lure him with treats to sit on a chair or couch, he would come within a few feet of me and then run!  He knew I had an ulterior motive besides just giving him a treat.

Chase was a sweetheart and so energetic!  We took a break from the session and started playing chase with each other to try and tire him out… it tired me out more than him!  He is such a handsome little pooch and such a fun breed.  I did have to put in a photo of Chase’s furry little booty…  I love dog booties!  They are so cute.  Enjoy!



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