Alfie and Belle came into the studio earlier this week for their photo shoot.  Alfie is a Rottweiler, and Belle is a Miniature Maltese (talk about a size difference)!  We were taking photos for holiday cards as well as just for fun.  Their mom had such a cute holiday card idea… sock monkeys!  Unfortunately, Belle’s sock monkey sweater did not arrive in time, but we made due with sock monkey stuffed animals.  Alfie was not a big fan of his sweater, and it may have been a bit snug!

As it turns out, Belle and Alfie are not really big fans of each other.  When we tried to get the shots of them together, every time we would scoot Belle closer to Alfie he would get up and run!

Both pups were so cute and sweet, and Alfie was such a lover!  He loved being rubbed and gave me tons of kisses.

Enjoy the photos!



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