Dory and Dela came into the studio last week to get their portraits taken together.  Dory is a yellow lab and Dela is a chocolate lab, and they are both adorable!  At first, Dory was a little wary of me, but as soon as we brought a ball out, we became good friends.  Dela was all about the treats, and when I would show her one she would sit perfectly still until she got it.

Once Dory opened up, she showed such a sweet personality.  Dela was a bit more serious in her photo shoot, but just as sweet as Dory.  At one point, Dory seemed to be getting a little worn out, so, to get her to look, her mom started whispering “kitty cat”.  Apparently, there is a neighborhood kitty that Dory knows, and every time her mom would say that, she would tilt her head and give a big smile.

What sweet puppies…  my puppy fever is really starting to get bad!




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