I almost forgot about these little cutie pies!  We did this photo session as a surprise for these pup’s mom.  My best friend, Virginia, scheduled this session as a surprise Christmas gift for her mom.  The two mini Schnauzer’s are Heidi and Sebastian, and the Cavalier is Jane Austen.  Quite a fitting name for a King Charles!

These three were a handful, but I had the help of Virginia’s sister, Hollee.  With a few treats, and some help from Hollee, we were able to get Heidi, Sebastian, and Jane Austen to sit comfortably on the couch.  Jane Austen’s coat looked beautiful on the yellow couch, and Sebastian was the biggest ham!  He actually started posing for me at one point.  Heidi was a little more hesitant to have her individual photo taken, but as soon as she was sitting next to Sebastian and Jane Austen she was ready to go!

Virginia’s mom was thrilled with the photos, and I’m so happy we were able to photograph her fur babies for her for Christmas. Enjoy!



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