I’m sure some of you noticed the new addition of newborn photography on our new website. We have finished the change over to our new site, which will now be the home for both pets and newborns, as well as other fun portraits. Since this may be a slight introduction to our newborn photography, I thought I would give you some important information to think about when you are going to have your new baby photographed.

First, it is very important to have your newborn photographed within the first 5-14 days of your baby’s life. I’m sure you are wondering why this is so important, and it is so we can achieve images that capture the womb-like “curl that disappears so quickly. As you are viewing our “Babies” gallery, keep in mind that the majority of the babies there are under 2 weeks old. Infants that are older than two weeks can most certainly still be photographed, but they will have a slightly different look than those under 2 weeks.

We photograph newborns both in studio and in home. For some parents, they prefer the privacy and comfort of their homes, and we are more than happy to come to them. In studio, we do have some really fun options for our newborn sessions, including vintage furniture, handmade knit hats, baby furniture, and more. We like to capture all the beautiful details of your baby, such as their little fingers and toes. Our goal is to create a piece of art that features your baby.

If you are interested in a newborn session, we do like to tentatively put the date on the calendar based on your baby’s due date. A firm date will be scheduled a few days prior to the expected delivery. We do ask that you call during your first or second trimester to ensure session availability. Below is an image from one of my favorite newborn sessions.


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