This is Tater Tot. She is an 8 year old Chihuahua with attitude! I was told by her mom that she would be an extremely difficult little pup to photograph and that she might even bite! But, Tater and I became quick friends. Our friendship may have been due to a small degree of bribery on my part, but an hour or so later, we had some great photos and I had a new furry friend. So, the bribery was worth it!

We used a variety of different things with Tater, and I love how her photos look. We, of course, had to use the 1950s beauty salon chair for her, and she looked fabulous on leopard as well. She also does this adorable howl when her parents get her riled up. Her dad will ask, “Where’s mama?”, and she will eventually start to howl. It reminded me of how excited Abby gets when I ask her, “Where’s Papa?”.

Tater definitely has some spunk, and I loved meeting her! Enjoy her sneak peek!




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