Interested in adding a little fur baby to your family??? Check out these available poms from Recycled Poms. All of them are super adorable and in need of forever homes. Won’t you help them out? Check out each of their bios below the photos!

Also, please remember that we are still collecting donations for our Week of Rescues event. These donations will be split evenly between the five participating rescue groups, and donations will be accepted until June 1. Click here to donate.


Flour is a beautiful, 5 year old female that weighs 4 pounds. She absolutely loves adults and to sit in laps. Her forever home should be a kid free household.

Prancer is around 18 months old and 8 pounds. He is a wonderful little guy that loves to sit in laps. He is very friendly with people and other animals. He is a calm little guy that needs a chance and someone he can love that will take care of him. He loves to go for walks, run in the yard and play with anyone that is willing. He will follow you everywhere you go. he is not demanding and will wait patiently by your feet until you have time for him.

Pepper is around 5 years old and 6 1/2 pounds. He is calm and sweet and loves to lay in a lap, any lap will do. Pepper was found trying to cross a busy street all alone. He had no collar and no microchip or tags. Now he needs to find a new home with someone who will love him and take good care of him so he is never on the street again. He is now microchipped. He has so much love to give. He was just neutered so the housebreaking is a work in progress. Got an empty lap for a little cutie to lay in?

The General is 7 years young and 13 pounds, he is a few pounds overweight but is on a diet. He gets along with other dogs and cats. He has allergies and a trachea problem so can’t go for long walks. Mostly he just likes to lay around the house. He does like to run in the yard a little but tires out because of the weight and the throat. He would be a wonderful companion for an older person who just wants some company and a little dog to adore them. He has been treated for heartworm so a must he be kept on Heartgard meds. He is very friendly and never meets a stranger. General would love a home of his own and has so much love to give.

Cheeto is around 6 years old and 6 pounds. He is very shy and has never been well socialized. He needs to walk on leash. He is a calm, quiet little guy that needs an empty lap to sit in and someone to give him lots of love.

Stetson is an active 2 year old male. He loves going on walks, and is extremely outgoing. He loves to play with kids, toys, and other female dogs but he is not a huge fan of other male dogs. He needs a playful home and lots of love!

Maverick is about 7 years old and 7 pounds. He is a little leery of strangers but bonds very close with his owner. He is a happy boy that loves going for walks, very quiet and calm. He would be a perfect companion for an older person but would also do well with a family. He is looking for a forever home and someone to love.

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