I am so excited to announce our newest product… We are now offering custom pet necklaces! I actually just got one of Miss Abby recently, and I absolutely love it. I’m sure you are wondering how these are custom necklaces, so let me fill you in!

The necklaces are made by Alyssa Kilpatrick, and she uses an actual photo of your dog’s silhouette as the design for your necklace. I photographed Abby’s silhouette for my necklace, so the necklace you see below is Abby in all her golden splendor! Of course, I had to get the necklace in gold as well to compliment Abby’s coloring!

Alyssa can make a custom necklace of your pet as well! If you are interested in getting one of these beautiful necklaces, you can contact her at alyssakilpatrick@hotmail.com or 713.859.0705. The necklaces are available in sterling silver, 14 karat gold plated, and 14 karat gold.

We are also more than happy to help you out in the image department if you need a silhouette. If you book a normal session with us, we can make sure to capture a silhouette at no extra charge. If you just want the silhouette image and not a full session, you are welcome to bring your dog to the studio for just that image for $25 plus tax. All silhouette sessions are by appointment only.

We will be offering these necklaces in our studio, so if you are coming to us for a normal pet session you can purchase them directly from us. I will always have Abby’s necklace at the studio so you can see Alyssa’s beautiful jewelry first hand!


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