Being a photographer is a lot fun, but it is also a lot of work.  We carefully toil over our images trying to make them just right before sending them off to the lab or submitting them for print competition.  I love submitting work for print competition at the local, regional and national levels because it helps me to improve on my photography.  I enter pretty much every month at the local level, and I can tell you that it helps me tremendously as a photographer to hear what others have to say about my work.

Last year, I was named the 2013 Active Photographer of the Year from the Professional Photographers Guild of Houston, which was a huge honor for me!  There are so many fabulous photographers in Houston, and to be named the Photographer of the Year was very special.  I also took home the award for Best Animal Portrait of the Year, which was also another big honor because pet photography has become such a large part of the portrait world.  Not to mention, it is a huge market in Houston with lots of great photographers photographing animals.

My professional organizations, Professional Photographers of America, actually gives out degrees for excellence in print competition, and I’m hoping by this time next year I will have my Master degree.  So far, I have only submitted dog images for print competition on the national level, so I will a Master Photographer hopefully… but a master of dog photography!



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