Some of you may know that I absolutely love talking about business for photography.  Business is such a huge part of our jobs as photographers, and it is so often overlooked while we are trying so hard to be creative.  The reality of a photography business is that the photography portion is a very small percentage of what we do.  Business is the majority of what we do including marketing, branding, pricing, client management, and so much more.  I have two upcoming speaking engagements where I will be discussing different aspects of the photography business.

First, I will be speaking at the Professional Photographers Guild of Houston on April 15 about Pricing for Profit.  I will be discussing different pricing strategies to use in your business so that your products are priced so that you are able to cover your costs, pay yourself, and put money back into your business.  You can see details and register for the meeting at the Professional Photographers Guild of Houston website.

Second, I will be hosting a Super 1 Day class through the Professional Photographers of America.  My class is called “Build a Better Brand and Profitable Business”, and we will be going over how to build your brand and a successful business.  My Super 1 Day class is from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on May 5th, and it will be held at my studio.  You can find more details and register at the Super 1 Day page on PPA‘s website.


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