It’s always fun to photograph Dachshunds.  Their big ears and long bodies are so adorable, and I love it when you can see them stretched out to get the full effect of being a wiener dog.  Both Ben & Betty Lou had some energy going for their session.  Not to mention they were both very attached to their mama.  It can be challenging when a pup is very attached to their parent, but it is all worth it when I hear their parent tell me how much the images show off their pup’s personalities.  That is one of my favorite things about being a pet photographer, as well as getting to photograph puppies!


I loved having Ben & Betty Lou in the studio because it reminded me of how much energy puppies have in those little bodies.  Abby, my golden, is now five, and she still has a ton of energy.  But, after seeing these two, they put her to shame!  I am definitely thankful Abby isn’t as crazy as she used to be, but I like the reminder of what it’s like to be a puppy.  I also use the term “puppy” somewhat loosely… I believe dogs that are two or younger are still puppies!


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