If you have been checking back on the blog recently, you may have noticed that I am changing things up a bit.   I have been wanting to shift my work towards a more simplistic style that highlights the babies I photograph, and Baxter and Bella were some of my first pups to photograph in this new style.


I wish I had a behind the scenes video for this session because the personalities of Baxter and Bella are completely different.  Baxter is still a puppy at just a year old, and Miss Bella is a bit more seasoned at eight years old.  Despite the fact that Baxter’s nickname is Dennis the Menace (yes, he lives up to the name), I was able to wrangle him just long enough to get his portrait taken thanks to his mom, Jeannine.  I’m sure Jeannine got just as much of a workout as I did during her pup’s session (which is why I always photograph in workout clothes and claim working as my “cardio”).


Miss Bella would sit perfectly for the camera (love when I get a pup like her!)… probably because it was more comfortable to sit on the sofa than be run over by Baxter!  I love this shot of her.  She really works this one, and to me it says, “I am the queen bee, and I deserve my own special sofa!”.


Mr. Baxter would run, run, run all over the studio.  Running away from his mom trying to wrangle him, and occasionally jumping up to give Miss Bella a little nip so she might play with him.  Pretty typically of most fur babies that come into my studio.  But, I want everyone to leave with an image of their baby that really captures them as their parent sees them.  Baxter may look calm in his image, but if you look closely, there’s a little mischief behind those eyes!

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