I’ve been starting to give you a little insight into what makes me tick, and why I do what I do.  In case you missed the last blog post titled “A Little Something About Me”,  I am an intimate photographer for babies and fur babies.  That is the what.  Now here’s the why… I do what I do to celebrate the bold love a parent has for their baby (regardless if they have fur or not).

Why is this important?  I am constantly reminded by how special each moment is with your baby when I look at my own.  Yes, I have ones with and without fur.  There are moments as a parent that only you have the wonderful fortune of seeing, and if you’re lucky you can capture them on the rare occasion.

My baby, Miss W, gives me the sweetest look when we are playing sometimes.  It is always the same: she is lying on her back and she delicately moves her head to look at me.  She gives me a smile – not a full smile, but a sweet little smile that says to me how much she loves me.  This is something only a parent can appreciate of their child, and I was able to capture it the other day.


This is why I do what I do.  I want to capture these special moments you share with your children.  Those moments that when you look at it, you can say “that is my baby, and that is exactly how I see them”.

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