I love being a baby photographer.  For the non-furry babies, I love their first year and seeing these adorable newborn babies grow up.  It is definitely a perk I get to enjoy, and it’s amazing how fast they grow.   I photographed Wyatt’s newborn session when he was just eleven days old, then again at seven months, and now at one year old.  Babies do so much growing up in the first few months.  If you blink you might miss it, which is why I love it when parents capture these playful, beautiful moments that are gone so quickly.


Although Wyatt is now a big boy, his sweet face hasn’t changed.  Neither has his temperament – easy going and sweet as they come.  I think I may have to introduce Miss W to him at his upcoming birthday party… Although, I’m not sure his mom, Margaret, nor I are ready for all that business.  I say we give it about thirty years or so!

Wyatt recently came to visit for his one year photo shoot, which isn’t complete without a cake smash.  Margaret got the best outfit for his shoot from Etsy.  It was absolutely perfect!  I was surprised at first that Wyatt didn’t go straight into the cake, but his dad, T.J., told me he doesn’t like to get dirty.  When Wyatt would get too much cake on him, he would reach for his dad to help him out.


He definitely didn’t mind getting his dad dirty, and I love this outtake after his session.  Poor dad had to catch a flight to Dallas right after our shoot and planned on leaving straight from my studio.  I guess Wyatt had other plans!


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