I may have mentioned once or twice before that I’m a baby photographer.  The word “baby” may mean something to one person, and something completely different to another.  The word baby has a combined meaning for me in that it encompasses both babies with and without fur.  Just because your baby wears a fur coat year round doesn’t make them any less your baby.  I truly believe in that statement, and I love it when I have clients that do too.


One of my most recent fur babies in the studio was Duke.  A beautiful lab mix with personality, sweetness, and one seriously photogenic gene.  His dad brought him in for his session, and you could tell right off the bat that they are two peas in a pod.  Duke goes everywhere with his dad, and you can tell they have a very special bond.  Duke would get excited every time he would pose for the camera, and right after we got the shot, he would run over to his dad for a quick pet of approval.


Despite his incredible sweet and happy go lucky demeanor, Duke has a serious side.  This image above is a bit serious with a bit of my ears are about to take flight!  He has the most incredible ears.  I love the different ways they would perk up and how high they would get.  It almost looked like he was about to take off for a quick spin around the studio every time he perked them at my noises!


Towards the end of the session is always when my pups start to slow down.  It’s amazing how much energy they use during these sessions jumping on and off of furniture and making the rounds sniffing every surface and prop.  If I’m lucky, they have slowed down just enough to get this last image.  It is one of my favorites because of the expression and connection I’m able to get with each fur baby.  One of my favorites for sure… Looking right into this pup’s soulful eyes.  I see a bit of exhaustion, but most of all, trust.  I see this look with my own fur baby, and it makes me smile to see it with yours!


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