I really love being a newborn photographer.  There is nothing sweeter or more pure than a brand new baby with their soft skin and wonderful newborn scent.  They are just starting to adjust to life on the outside when they come in for their newborn portraits.  I love being able to soothe, shape, and hold these adorable babies… especially since Wilhelmina no longer fits in the “newborn” baby category at nine months.  But, baby Harrison definitely qualifies!

Harrison came in recently for his newborn portraits, and he was such a joy to photograph.  He took his time falling asleep (like most babies), but once he was ready he let me do whatever I wanted.  With the occasional shushing and rocking, he would go right back to sleep.  It’s so easy to forget this beautiful stage of newness from not only your baby, but to you as a parent.  It’s amazing how much you don’t know no matter how much you prepare.  I am still very new at this parent thing too, and I love being reminded that I’m not alone.  The best part of being a parent, other than that beautiful baby, is learning together with them how to navigate the road ahead.  Finding out they aren’t breakable and that a dog tongue to the face isn’t the end of the world.


Speaking of dog tongues… those fur babies you have before your baby (without fur) arrives are still your babies, and if I’m lucky, I get to photograph them together.  That’s just what happened at Harrison’s newborn session.  He brought his furry sister, Coco, with him.  Coco was incredibly sweet with Harrison.  She sat beside him and would lean over to sneak a few kisses here and there.  I love this image of the two of them.  She’s not quite sure about him yet… Is he staying??  But, what you don’t see is how protective and loving she is towards him.  Harrison’s got a great furry sister looking out for him.  Too bad he’s already bigger than she is!


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