There is nothing more special than bringing a new family member home, both human and furry.  I love babies and puppies, and what is better than baby breath and puppy breath?  Off hand, I can’t think of anything sweeter than the smell of a brand new baby or the smell of a puppy.  I wonder why I decided to become a baby photographer??  I love those private moments that only the parents get to experience.  As I parent, I know how special these moments are and how important they are to capture and remember, especially in the first year.


Babies, both with and without fur, grow so fast in the first year.  You blink and they’re grown!  If you don’t take a minute to stop and look, the next thing you know they are either in school or doggie daycare.  That’s one reason I offer a baby plan for both babies with and without fur.  With babies, the best times are newborn (babies 5-10 days old and pups 8-12 weeks old), six months old (babies that can sit up), and a year old.  For the babies without fur, these milestones are somewhat obvious.  For the babies with fur, the reason I like to keep the milestones the same is because at six months the pups are usually in that awkward teenage stage where legs are too long and paws are too big.  By one year, they are pretty much full grown.  Just because they have fur doesn’t mean you can’t have a baby plan to track their growth during their first year.  After that first year, pups don’t change much either, so it is so important to capture their playful nature as they are growing into their big doggie bodies.

This is Miss Penny.  She is a gorgeous German Short Haired Pointer, and she is a fur baby in my baby plan.  These images were taken when she was just 8 weeks old, which was only a couple of weeks ago and she is already bigger!  It’s going to be amazing to see how different she is when she comes back at six months.  I’ll make sure to post her six month photos so you can see the difference.  I guarantee you it is going to be a big change!

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