I love Shelties.  They are the perfect size dog.  Not too big and not too small.  Just like Cavaliers.  Of course, I am traditionally a big dog person, but I am always happy to make an exception for such sweet pups as Lacie and Kiefer.  These two came in with their mom, Karen, to have their portrait made as a gift for their sisters (without fur).  It was a big surprise, which is why I am just now blogging their session.  I didn’t want to spoil the surprise!

Both Lacie and Kiefer loved being in front of the camera.  Kiefer was a bit more attached to his mom, and he wanted her right by his side while he posed.  Both of these loving pups have a bit of a frisky side to them.  Kiefer was up and down on the furniture, and I’m surprised he didn’t wear himself out faster!  Lacie knew what she was here to do and held her pose to showcase just how gorgeous of a pup she is.  I love the head tilts too!


As I mentioned earlier, Miss Lacie knew what she came to my studio to do, which was to model.  She definitely did not disappoint.  This one above is one of my favorites of Lacie.  She was very serious about her modeling career but not too serious to let out her playful side.  Kiefer on the other hand, was very playful the entire session.  But he did manage to strike this very serious pose.  I love his expression along with his adorable ears!


These two were so much fun to photograph, and I love seeing how much pups love their parents and how much parents love their fur babies.  Just because they have fur doesn’t mean they aren’t your baby!

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