I absolutely love Cavaliers. They are one of the sweetest and most loyal breeds, and it doesn’t hurt that my furry brother and sister are Cavaliers too! Meet Ginger and Jamie. These two could not be more different in personality, but in cuteness they are pretty on par.

Kim Hartz + Pet Photography + Cavaliers

Jamie is just two years old, and LOVES attention. We would get him in the perfect spot for his portrait, I would make my noise, he would look at me with that adorable face, and then he would come barreling towards me and cover me with kisses.

Kim Hartz + Pet Photography + Cavaliers

Miss Ginger is a more mature lady pup at the age of 10 – although you can’t tell at all (I want to know her secret!). She was definitely a bit calmer, and she showed Jamie the ropes when it came to posing for her portrait. She would sit and look beautiful (which I’m sure just comes natural to her), and she would look effortlessly towards me the way a seasoned model would during a photo shoot.

Kim Hartz + Pet Photography + Cavaliers

These two reminded me of why I love Cavaliers (and dogs in general!) so much. They are so forgiving, genuinely happy, and down right adorable!

Who cares that you may be covered head to toe in fur after a shoot?? All you need in your toolbox are lint rollers and some tissue to clean off the extra slobber from all the kisses. Here’s to the best job in the world!


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