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I’m a big advocate of trying new things, but, of course, it’s never as easy to dive into something new.  Life tends to get in the way of your best laid plans – at least I know it definitely does for me!  Especially when you’re trying to run a business, be a full time mom, and come up with fun, new ideas that keep you energized about business, life, and so on.  Sometimes you just have to say, “I’m trying this new ________ today!”.  If I really want to pursue something new I literally have to block of time in my calendar to make sure I actually get to it.  Sound familiar?

Enough about not enough hours in the day!  I did actually pursue something I’ve been thinking about for a long time.  It took doing some research to find out the best option for me to dive (hehe!) into underwater photography.  But, with a little digging and help from my friend, Margaret, I was able to make a decision on what kind of housing I wanted to start with to try it out.  I didn’t want to jump right to a super expensive housing (because everything in photography is expensive), so I decided to invest a little to see if I even enjoyed it.  I ended up going with a housing from EWA Marine, and it ended up working out beautifully for my needs.

underwater photography, kim hartz, photography

I was so excited to take out my camera and give it a spin!  Equipped with my new housing and lots of sunscreen, I took a paddle board and went on my way.  I found a really interesting area of rocks sticking out of the water, and I actually had a few models show up!

I have to say that I really loved photographing half in and half out in the gorgeously clear Lake Tahoe water.  Getting a taste of this type of photography was so fun, and I’m considering adding it to my current offerings.  I am working on some samples of it with my best golden girl, Abby.  Of course we won’t be in the cool weather of crystal clear water, but I have an awesome pool to work in that definitely helps cut the Houston heat!

I would love to know what you think about underwater photography and if you would be interested in seeing more of it.  Please leave me a comment below 🙂

Kim xo


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