about kim

Hi, I’m Kim Hartz, and I believe in family regardless if your kids have fur or not.  I'm a mama to three beautiful kids (without fur), and three fur babies (2 dogs and 1 kitty!).


fun facts about me

My dog didn’t become a family pet when my kids were born… she became a big sister. 


I think of newborns like new cars.  They have the wonderful new smell.


Jump all in, feet first.  The water never gets warmer one toe at a time.


My dogs paws are a wonderful mystery because they always smell just like fresh baked bread!

My brother has been known to leave a movie in the middle just to rescue me from a killer roach in my kitchen.

I have a watch fetish…especially the ones that say, “Cartier!” (Can your jewelry tell time?)


I hoard mascara. Right now I have 20 in my drawer and four in my bag. Don’t judge.

I love Queen Latifah movies because she always ends up with the hot guy, who never even looks at the gaggle of “Hollywood-perfect” women who surround her.

My toaster oven doesn't toast, it hides donuts.

Everyone knows my name at the local dry bar ... and what kind of wine I like. 

I love a rainy day... my chance to shamelessly watch movie trailers.


I still have the hundreds of beanie babies I collected as a kid. I tell people that I’m saving them for my own kids. #biglie. 

My idea of the perfect evening is a big family dinner with great wine and (slightly) drunken conversation.


If Folgers could bottle the experience of a dog breathing on your neck and a paw in your face, I’d drink their coffee.

The exhaustion of sleep-deprived baby nights is swept away by the adorable face that melts your heart when you do finally manage to drag yourself out of bed.

Kim xx