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My Golden Girl

By Kim Hartz | January 24, 2018

Today has been one of the hardest days of my life.  We lost our gorgeous girl, Abby, this afternoon.  She wasn’t even nine years old.  I can’t believe how quickly this happened.  She was diagnosed with cancer in October of last year.  The diagnosis was pretty grim in that they only projected 4 months.  To…

Photography for Beginners Class

By Kim Hartz | December 5, 2017

I recently posed the question to people who follow me on Facebook if they were interested in learning how to take better photos, and the response was amazing!  I couldn’t believe how many people want to learn how to take better images of their kids, pets, and everything in between.  After hearing that there was…

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The Beauty of Underwater Photography

By Kim Hartz | August 14, 2017

I’m a big advocate of trying new things, but, of course, it’s never as easy to dive into something new.  Life tends to get in the way of your best laid plans – at least I know it definitely does for me!  Especially when you’re trying to run a business, be a full time mom,…